Burning energy and fat while running

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You’re most likely to burn fat when you run slowly at a steady pace. You can always add elements such as intervals or hills to boost fat burning, but keeping it slow during most of your runs will help you burn fat over time and keep it off. Figure out your steady pace by running a mile hard.

As mentioned, the body’s energy metabolism does not involve burning energy from starch in the muscles (glycogen) or fat alone. But the body uses different amounts of energy from both sources. It depends on the duration and exercise activity. When starting to run, the body will use energy from starch in the muscles (glycogen) as primary energy. Then, when breathing is normal and there is enough oxygen (Running slowly will allow you to breathe normally and breathe fully) also known as Aerobic Exercise: The body will gradually use more energy from fat. This mechanism may take no less than 30 minutes.

While running quickly makes us breathe less oxygen into the bloodstream. Shorter breathing period Or call exercise without oxygen (Anaerobic Exercise). When there is not enough oxygen to make the fat burning process work in time. The body therefore uses energy from Muscle (glycogen) is higher. Report from สมัคร ufabet

Running slow or fast, which is more effective?

At this point, we must consider which goal the runner wants more. If you want to reduce body fat, you should run slowly so that your body can burn more fat to use. (But it takes enough time) But if you look at the muscles and fitness of the body. Running quickly will answer more questions. For these reasons, most knowledgeable people have recommended the advantages of both runs, namely slow and fast interval training (Interval training) so that the body can burn fat. and gain physical fitness at the same time

Most importantly, whether slow or fast, please run.

If you want weight loss and fat reduction to be effective, running or aerobic exercise is necessary and indispensable. If you choose running to burn fat You should choose a speed that you can do continuously and consistently. Do it for at least 40 minutes 3-4 times a week. And adjust your running plan every 4 weeks by increasing the intensity, frequency, or duration. according to increased body strength Or choose to alternate between slow and fast running. This way, whether you run slowly or fast, you will be able to see the improvement of your body and be able to reduce according to your goals without difficulty.