Sami Khedira see Juventus using too many young players.

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Former Juventus midfielder Sami Khedira believes the former club have too many young players in the squad. Causing problems in the path to win the championship this year.

         Juventus can only draw with direct rivals Napoli 1-1 in the latest game. Leaving the team with just 35 points from 20 games. Having only scored 28 goals this season. 11 points behind leaders Inter Milan. Compete in more than one game. It was another tough UFABET year to win the championship.

         Sami Khedira sees the former team having trouble in midfield. And at the front with a lack of experience follow the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo. Which clearly has an impact.

         “A couple of years ago Juventus change the concept of football and the players a bit. And made a mistake but now they are trying to salvage it. They are not playing bad but they score too few goals and that is a big problem.” Khedira said.

         “They lost Cristiano Ronaldo who scored a lot of goals for the team. They have a new team with young players. I don’t have much experience. It lacks balance I think there is no leader in the team except Chiellini and Bonucci. but in midfield there is none.

         “They had a good game against Napoli. it’s not a quality problem. But it’s in the personality that I hope they can fix.”