Manchester City beat Sheffield United 3-0.

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Riyad Mahrez scored a hat-trick as Manchester City beat Sheffield United 3-0 at Wembley to reach the Football FA Cup final.

Manchester City (Premier League) 3

Sheffield United (Championship) 0  

Stadium: Wembley Stadium

Only opened for the first 2 minutes. The double swords greeted first from the moment that Norwood threw in for John Egan to strike. But the ball fell out of the frame.

Five minutes later, Sheffield United narrowly took the lead from a corner kick that opened in. Jebbison headed in for N’Dieye to put the ball down before dunking in with the right. But Ortega was still saved. can keep. 

In the 22nd minute, City had the same chance. Walker filled in before trying to scoop the ball into the penalty area. But caught a Sheffield United player in the way. go

After that, it was City who had more possession but still managed to find a finishing touch on Sheffield United. Until the end of the first half. In the 43rd minute, City received a penalty from the moment Jebbison kicked Bernardo Silva in the penalty area. Causing Atwell to immediately blow the penalty and it was Mahrez who received. The duty that shot into City took the lead before 1-0.

At the end of the first half, Manchester City led Sheffield United 1-0.

Returning to the second half in the 56th minute, City had a chance first from the moment when Gomez Cross entered the penalty area, the ball deflected to the second post for Haaland to try to intervene but was hit badly after. UFABET

In the 61st minute, the sailboat left a 2-0 lead from Mahrez intercepting the ball in the middle of the field before soloing the pendant into the penalty area and turning with the left side to counter Foderimham. 

Five minutes later, City scored three, Gomez passing the ball to the left for Grealish to dribble into the box before Mahrez slid in and tucked his left into the bottom of the net to take the lead 3-0. 

At the last minute, the sailboat almost got four balls from the moment Foden, the substitute, dragged the ball up before paying for Alvarez to press with the left, but the ball was still out of the box.

At the end of the game, Man City defeated Sheffield United 3-0 and advanced to the final to wait for the winner between Brighton and Manchester United, which will compete on June 3.