Barcelona summoned 15-year-old Lamine to join Atletico.

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Barcelona forward Lamine Jamal the 15-year-old was called up for the first time by Xavi Hernandez against Atletico on Sunday.

Barcelona boss Xavi Hernandez has called up 15-year-old forward Lamine Jamal for the first time against Atletico Madrid in Liga on Sunday. With a return fit, Frenkie de Jong and Pedro Gonzalez Lopez Pedri are available as options. According to ‘Diario Sport’ on Saturday. UFABET

Both Frenkie and Pedri are fit to feature in Atletico’s 21-man squad on Sunday. But Xavi is yet to call up Ousmane Dembele and Andreas Cristensen, Sergi Roberto is still in rehabilitation. While Lamine was call up by Barca’s coach for the first time. After the 15-year-old offensive line make an impression in training. 

‘We’re trying to give the kids a chance. And he’s a player who can help us and has great talent. He’s young. He’s got character. and strong in one-on-one combat. And He is a player who can define an era with the team. He wasn’t afraid of being summon. He might be able to help us.’

‘His promise? We will focus on the present. I am very happy with what I saw in training from him. And that’s why I summoned him. The idea that his contract was ending had nothing to do with him being summoned.’

‘The children are not afraid at all. When I look at Lamine I see a huge level of self-confidence.’

‘Just like Pedri has Iniesta’s qualities, Lamine is different too. He has a lot from many football players. and has innate talent I didn’t find him particularly similar.’ Xavi said.