Souness wants to see Liverpool buy more midfielders.

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Souness wants to see Liverpool buy more midfielders. Graeme Souness is keen to see the former club buy another midfielder to replace Georginho Wijnaldum, who has left to compete for the league title this season.

         “Reds” only have Ibrahima Konate to add to the team only one. Although the team started the season beautifully with a 3-0 win over Norwich City and the return of Virgil van Dijk added peace of mind for the team.

         However, in Souness’ view, the team should find a new midfielder in the wake of Wijnaldum’s departure if they hope to compete for the Premier League title.

         “I would like to see Liverpool spend a bit more money. But they score goals with fun,” Souness told Sky Sports. “It’s easy to look at Liverpool and talk about the front three and say how special they are. But their great performance comes from the three midfielders.”

         ” Wijnaldum is gone, Henderson is a year older, Milner is a year older. I know they have good youngsters coming up. But I would like to see something else from the midfield.”

         “It’s going to be a long season, a difficult season, Liverpool are not far away.