Replaces Eriksen Just after a while question coming to Manchester United 

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Replaces Eriksen Just after a while question coming to Manchester United 

Given Mount’s versatility, it’s certain. That Ten Hag will be able to use his new recruits with a lot of fun. Can be taken anywhere In addition to the defensive middle or defensive game. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

The first was a direct replacement for Christian Eriksen.

There’s no denying the excellence of Eriksen. Who has made his own path special by “dead and resurrected” and returned to the main character of the top team like Manchester United in full glory

Passing the ball, short pass, long pass and high-level senseball of Danish playmakers Created a lot of benefits for the Red Devils team in the past season. They have an assist record of 10 goals (with 2 goals), which in fact will be even higher if strikers are sharp. It’s easier to get into than it is.

The more Ten Hag chooses to place Eriksen in a low position alongside Casemiro, the more Manchester United have a more efficient dimension of play. Including clearly separating duties Someone takes care of the defensive game. One was in charge of the passing game and the other (Bruno) was in charge of the pass from the second row.

However, it was clear that simply having the “standing three” was not enough.

Especially at this minute, Eriksen is already 31 and will turn 32 on Valentine’s Day next year. So retirement is just around the corner, and 24-year-old Mount is a great replacement.

For Mount, despite his offensive nature But there were times when he stood in a lower position. Equal to being able to play as “No. 8” type without having to adjust alongside defensive Casemiro and attacker Bruno.

Mount is still fresher, ready to run farther than Eriksen. Which will increase the benefit of the pressing game even higher. as well additional attacking addition to Bruno

The only thing Mount may slightly behind Eriksen is passing the ball. But that doesn’t mean Mount is inferior in this regard.

Likewise, Ten Hag might start with the old Casemiro-Eriksen-Bruno midfield and then add Mount to add some freshness and flare later. It’s a solution that will happen in some games of the new season.