Premier League clubs voted not to let players play for the national team

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Premier League clubs They voted unanimously not to let players play for the national team for countries that have been red-listed for COVID-19. This is because players will be quarantined for 10 days upon returning to the UK.

According to a statement released on Tuesday.  “Today the Premier League clubs are reluctant. But it was unanimously resolved not to release players for international matches. That must be played in red-listed countries next month.”

“A decision made by the club, which is strongly supported by the Premier League. It will apply to nearly 60 players from 19 Premier League clubs. The 26 countries on the national team break red list in September.”

“This is in line with the current state of FIFA that does not extend the temporary release exemption to players who will be quarantined upon returning from national team service.”

“There have been extensive discussions with both the FA and the government to find a solution. But due to public health concerns related to people arriving from red-listed countries So these things are not excluded.”

“If it is necessary to quarantine upon returning from a red-listed country. Its not just welfare And the availability of players will be greatly affected. But he will not be able to play in the Premier League, UEFA European club and the EFL Cup third round.”

Argentina, Brazil and Egypt are on the British government’s red list.