Mount fervor continued into a loan spell

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Mount fervor continued into a loan spell

Four years at Singha have complete with 195 games, 33 goals and 37 assists.

UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, Club World Cup 1 time each

and Chelsea Player of the Year Award 2 rounds: 2020/21 and 2021/22

Regardless of who the Chelsea coach will change Every coach knows Mount’s potential, as well as Gareth Southgate, who has not hesitated to open up his place in the England squad, and of course Ten Hag sees Mount’s positives. therefore proceeding to command “Let’s get him” before the player is the property of Liverpool, Arsenal, Newcastle or anyone else. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

It’s like closing the deal with a price of 55 + 5 million pounds for the rough reason that

  • 1. Young age (24)

    2. Versatile

    3. Keng (If anyone still has doubts, go back and look at the award CV line above again.)

Just after a while, there must be a question about coming to Manchester United and where to go down?

the sooner the better

last last Closing deals early. It’s better for Manchester United.

Undoubtedly, with no further injury complications. Mount will be fully involved, giving Ten Hag an opportunity to try and deliver a new piece of the jigsaw. Play in different positions, find out what’s the best. where is the most suitable for the upcoming pre-season

8 matches like this, although on the one hand, it may be sweaty instead of a ghost player, but Ten Hag will have to do his best and Mount will have the opportunity to get to know each other. fully adapted to new friends as well To be as ready as possible for the Premier League 2023/24

even if it’s true We may not yet fully convinced that Mount will really break through and be successful at Manchester United.

But £55m+5m, which is not too expensive in today’s football, combined with Mount’s past CVs, has put the needle in ‘positive territory’ rather than negative.

As well, with ten Hag’s own picks, it can be seen that many deals last year were more positive than negative as well (Casemiro, Eriksen, Martinez passed Antoni, Mala. Zia fails the test) thus convincing him that Mount has more chances to thrive than Ring.