Leipzig continues to stay on top of the league winning streak.

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Leipzig continues to stay on top of the league winning streak. With the latest home opening, Bochum 3-0 from goals of Andre Silva and Christopher Nkunku, two more goals.

Football German Bundesliga

Leipzig 0 – Bochum 0

Stadium: Red Bull Arena

Just two minutes, the home team had a chance to win Angelino, who paid Yosco Guardiol a header in the middle of the penalty area, but directly at Manuel Riemann, the visiting guard. Can move to protect it gently. 

After the 8th minute, Leipzig was thrilled again, Christopher Ngunku passed the ball for Emil Forsberg to fire the trigger with the right, but Riemann was still able to take it, then in the 11th minute Forsberg. Almost got a ha when the shot from the right hit a huge column.

The defenders did not stop opening the offensive game. Nkunku made the ball for Youssuf Poulsen to hit with the left to save Riemann in the 15th minute until the 29th minute, Leipzig had another chance to win Kevin Cample. Passed to Nkunku, hit with the right, but still not through Riemann, the game picture Leipzig looks better, clear, but there is no goal, the end of the first half is still 0-0.

In the second half, Leipzig still got more balls. But still can’t start the first ball Until the 63rd minute, Bochum invaded to give some hope. Reqbei opened the ball from the rhythm of the corner to Anthony Losilla, heading out of the frame a little. Followed by the 67th minute, Regbe Chai met the long-distance channel with the left. But not to go to the defensive line Leipzig.

Leipzig continues to stay on top of the league winning streak.

However, Leipzig took the lead from two substitutes who had just come down, Dominic Soboszlai, who came on to replace Forsberg, opening a corner kick into the head of Andre Silva who came down. Played instead of Poulsen to hit the net, Leipzig led 1-0 in the 69th minute. 

Did not get the first ball in time. In the 73rd minute, the host again Hae Silva stabbed through the channel for Nkunku to fall into the lure of the target with the left Leipzig leading 2-0 Bochum solved the game, changing three in a row. But can’t stop Guardiol’s assist for Nkunku to hit with the right, becoming the second ball of the subject and support Leipzig to lead 3-0 in the 78th minute.

Leipzig did not stop attacking in the 81st minute. Soboszlai sent the substitute Ilach Muriba to shoot from far from the right, save Riemann Bochum trying to counter two shots from Sebastian Poulter. The substitute, but missed by himself in the 82nd and 85th minutes, followed by a 90th minute stoppage time + 1 Polter, the same polter headed straight to the block and shot to save the egg, so the egg was not broken. End of time Leipzig won 3 shortly. -0

List of players for both teams

  Leipzig: Peter Gulashsi, Mohamed Simagan, Yosco Guardiol, Lucas Klostermann, Kevin Kampe. L, Amadou Aidara, Angelino, Tyler Adams, Youssuf Poulsen, Emile Forsberg, Christopher Nkunku.

Bochum: Manuel Riemann, Armel Kotchap, Erhan Masovic, Danio Soares, Herbert Bockcorn, Elvis Reg. Bechai, Robert Teche, Anthony Lozilla, Takuma Asano, Garrit Holtmann, Christopher Antwi-Adye