Clearing up Is it true that squeezing “tick” until its stomach

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Clearing up doubts: Is it true that squeezing a “tick” until its stomach ruptures risks spreading hail?

Maybe someone has ever heard the story that Do not crush the until it breaks. Because it may cause eggs to break and spread and produce many small ticks. What is the truth about this? And is crushing the tick to break it dangerous or not? Sanook Health has an answer from Ajarn Jesada Denduangboriphan. Lecturer, Department of Biology Faculty of Science Chulalongkorn University brings you. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

Dog ticks should not crush because they contain eggs. And it will expand and grow again. Is this true?

It is not true that you should not crush ticks collect from your dog. It’s because it’s dirty and has germs, but it doesn’t mean that it will produce eggs. Then it can grow outside the tick’s body.

Get to know the “ticks” that can be found in pet fur.

Ticks found in Thailand Usually a species Rhipicephalus sanguineus or brown dog feeds on blood. Likes to live on dogs. But they can bite other mammals, including people.

Danger of ticks

The dog is infected with a tick, bitten by, and if the has a sufficient amount of germs. It can make our dogs sick with tick-borne diseases. Including people, we can also contract diseases from ticks.

borne diseases Important in dogs include: 

  • Blood parasite disease that causes lethargy and not eating food 
  • Mucous membranes, such as the gums, are pale from anemia. 
  • Brown urine from damaged red blood cells
    There may be severe symptoms such as neurological symptoms. acute kidney failure Until it causes death 

Diseases in humans carried by ticks include: 

  • Lyme Disease 
  • Tick ​​fever (Ehrlichiosis) 
  • Tularemia (Tularemia) 

Symptoms when bitten

People who are bitten by ticks often have skin symptoms such as 

  • blood spots 
  • red 
  • vehicle 
  • There may be allergic reactions, rashes, and blisters. 
  • Difficulty breathing in cases of severe allergic reactions.

Are there any tick eggs inside?

The brown dog tick has 8 legs, a flat body, but when it feeds on blood, its body swells. They vary in size according to the stage of their life cycle. From tiny ones the size of a needle’s head to ones that feed on blood. Until the body is plump like a raisin 

In general, the life cycle of the brown dog. It starts from an egg (egg) then hatches into a larva (larva), feeds on the dog’s blood for 5-15 days, then jumps out of the dog. Grow and molt in the environment Until it becomes a nymph-like larva (nymph) before returning to feed on blood on the dog for another 3-13 days and then jumping out to grow and molt in the environment again. until becoming an adult  

When it was an adult It will return to live and feed on the blood on the dog. Female ticks and male ticks mate. Then the female tick will drink blood until it is full. Big, fat and round. Before the female leaves the dog and goes to lay eggs in the environment. 

Female ticks take approximately 15-18 days to lay eggs. They can lay approximately 4,000 eggs on average, and then the female dries up and dies. eggs are protected by a waxy fluid. (Produced by female ticks) takes approximately 6-23 days to hatch into larvae again.

Therefore, it can be seen that to find a female that already has eggs in its stomach. from the dog’s body There will be very little chance. Because the female must get off the dog. come into the environment and takes time to create eggs in the stomach 

Or if we happen to crush a female that actually has eggs in it. Chances are those eggs will develop into tick larvae. It’s also very little. Because there is no protective substance to protect the egg from the unsuitable environment.